Upgrades and Renovation Plan


The classroom area in the pavilion is nearing completion!

Over the past few years we have been focused on making improvements to the existing infrastructure while satisfying the requirements of Federal, State and County criteria. This work has included:

  1. Complete cleanup of all the old Girl Scout debris and construction material that has lain scattered over the area for many years. Much of the old wood had nails in it (a no-no for all users). The equivalent of 22 pick-up loads has been collected and disposed of; plus a consolidation into piles of wood that can be disposed of later.
  2. Completion of the last 2 of 9 campsites, repainting of the wooden picnic tables and the assembly of 3 steel benches.
  3. The cleaning up and epoxy painting (floors and walls) of two toilet structures plus pouring of  concrete floors.
  4. Building stairs and other safety structures to satisfy the County building codes, plus other repairs.
  5. Stripping down of the warming hut and doing work (in progress now) to put on a new roof, strengthen the integrity of the building to meet code, supply and install proper windows and a door plus install a new paver floor over gravel and sand. We thank Allison Construction, Lowry  Excavation and SAKO Gravel and Sand for their help.
  6. Re-staining of part of the Pavilion exterior to keep it protected from the elements.
  7. Creating a new designated main parking area.
  8. Re-doing of the main entrance signs and erection of other directional signage.
  9. The payment of $6,700 to the County as part cost to fill in and resurface Highland Drive for easier access to the property. (The County has been most helpful in this necessary endeavor).
  10. Worked closely with the Ouray County BOCC to strengthen our relationship. Joint work session and one-on-ones.
  11. Produced a new website (www.topofthepines.org), new brochures, T shirts and promotional ads for RACC.
  12. $21,421 of in-kind forest health work at TOP with the help of the Colorado State Forest Service.

TOP, Inc. is currently raising money to complete renovation of the old pavilion, add infrastructure improvements, create hike/bike trails and camping sites and turn this stunning wilderness area into a one-of-a-kind facility for community events, learning, and play.  The plans include adding a kitchen, yurts, indoor toilets and showers, audio-visual equipment and more.

To accomplish all this, we are pursuing grant money, but grantors want to know that locals support the project with their time and money.  This is a prerequisite for success, i.e. grant donors want to see that there is tangible community support.

Please help us turn this opportunity into a reality!

* Contribute through our “Contribute” link: http://topofthepines.org/contribute/


* Contribute through our crowdsourcing GOFUNDMEhttp://www.gofundme.com/top-of-the-pines

Pavilion Renovation Plans

An extensive renovation consisting of five development phases over the next five years is underway to maximize community use opportunities.

The main pavilion, upon completion, will include a full kitchen, spacious deck, office and storage space, restrooms, and a dining area to accommodate approximately 150 people.  A spacious deck will expand the pavilion use and provide a seamless connection with the out-of-doors.  Potable water and electricity are easily accessible.  Tent sites, a camp fire circles,  warming hut, and artist cabin are also part of the vision for the future. In order to move into the next phase, we are asking for the community’s involvement.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the floorplan and elevations of the pavilion when completed.

Pavilion east/west elevation
Pavilion east/west elevation
Pavilion east/west elevation

As always, we are in need of donors.

If you would like to become a contributing Friend of TOP, please go to the Help Us Grow! page.