Nordic Skiing at TOP

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The 2017-2018 X-country Season is almost here!

TOP is pleased to offer 7 kilometers of trails groomed for nordic skating and classic flat-track skiing.  Also, we have something new for you, a newly created snowshoe trail from the parking area to the meadow. Watch for trail condition updates below.  We hope all those who visit the park will appreciate it and help to preserve its pristine nature.  The following basic guidelines must be honored for the Nordic Trails Program to continue.

  • Please honor the request to pay a donation use fee.  Donations are necessary for trail equipment maintenance, oil and gas.  The donation box is at the trailhead.  Season passes are available by calling 970-626-9788. $50 individual/$90 family donation.  Season passes are fully tax deductible.
  • No pets allowed (ie. dogs, horses, etc.).   The only tracks on the groomed trails are to be skiers and wild animals.
  • The park land is surrounded by private property.  Please stay on the designated trails to minimize impacts to the land and to avoid trespassing on private property.
  • The trails are open from dawn till dusk.
  • Vehicle access and parking is allowed only within the designated parking area at the trailhead.  Do not drive up the Highland Drive roadway past the trail head parking lot.
  • Skiers & snowshoers only; no mechanized vehicles of any kind (including ATV’s, snowmobiles, etc.) are allowed. Please do not walk on the ski trails. The footstep divots tend to freeze making it dangerous for skate skiing.
  • A rustic warming hut is available – located upslope of the main pavilion building in the campground area.  Please stay off and away from all structures other than the warming hut. Only use the stove and fireplace for fires.  Kindling and cut firewood is located outside hut. No campfires or firearms.  A stove is available for warming water, tea or coffee.
  • Composting toilets are near the warming hut.
  • No potable water is available on-site.  You must bring your own water supply.
  • There are no trash receptacles.  Please pack out what you pack in.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All persons entering the property do so at their own risk.  It is understood that TOP, Inc. assumes no risk or liability for use of the facilities.


  • Safety must always be a high priority. You may encounter obstacles, ice, bumps, branches, holes, wires, etc.
  • Be prepared for rapid chages due to bad weather or other unexpected outing circumstances.
  • Ski with a buddy. Keep your group together.  Don’t let someone lag and become lost. Keep small children in sight.
  • Be considerate of others and use common sense and caution. Yeild to uphill traffic.
  • The trails are not patrolled.  You are responsible for your own safety Use at your own risk. Leaving the trail can be extremely dangerous – Stay on trail!

Ski loops map

Trail conditions report:

February 17, 

Grim!!!  better to go to Cnty Rd 5 of Ironton. Feel free to tromp around in snowshoes but you will be kicking up a bunch of duff!

Might be closing down for the season if no fresh powder arrives soon.

February 3:  

Scratched up the ice a bit and smoothed it out….in need of new snow! Be careful out there!

January 30:

Smoothed it out a bit after Sunday Dog Day.  Looks like a lot of sun for the next week. Beware!!! it gets super icy early and late.  Make sure you ski mid day for safer skiing.

January 25:

Groomed but very soft.  Skating will be difficult until it stiffens up a bit.

January 23rd:

Groomed a couple of passes with the Tidd Tech yesterday so as to be able to find the trail as it continues to snow this week.  Enjoy the bounty!

Happy New Year!!! January 7, 2017

12″ new groomed

Monday: Day after Christmas:

Groomed in morning. Lots of windblown stiff snow drifts makes for interesting terrain.  If you see anyone walking on the trails please tell them (nicely) that it just doesn’t work so well with skiers and to either hike on the road or go up to CR 5…..and dogs ONLY on Thursdays and Sundays.

One more snowfall and I’ll lay down some classic track.


Friday 12-23-16:

8 feet wide of corduroy put in this morning, however 4″ of Snrain fell last night making for a kinda wet punchy track which will be very icy in the cold hours.  Let’s hope for more snow soon.  Enjoy and put some money in the box….Thanx

Monday December 19, 2016: TOP IS OPEN!

Deep snows 14″ or so.  Ran around a bunch to pack it down and pulled the groomer for two passes. Great for kick and gliding….skating may be awhile as the new snow needs to set up a bit. I plan on making a few more passes this evening.



Coming soon…

Remember- Please leave a donation in the donation box or better yet-buy a season pass for $50….it pays for the grooming.  Call Chris Haaland at 970-318-0317 to obtain your pass.

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Below is a map of the trail system.  Click here for a printable PDF version of the map.

Nordic Trail Map

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